The Word House System Includes:

Teacher's Edition

– Directions – guidance for introducing and using each lesson.
– "General teaching" guideance for instruction.
– Bibliography – List of suggested books, stories, or poems that reinforce each lesson in the Word House system.
– References Page – journal pages that are completed for easy reference.
– Additional lists – lists of words that reinforce the vowel patterns of the day.
– Pre and Post Tests – Pre-program assessment and post-program assessment for each section of Word House.

Student Workbooks

Book 1

– Introduces the closed vowel, open vowel, and silent "e" patterns
– Establishes an Out House list of high frequency words at this level of reading that do not fit the patterns
– Presents the Knight of the Out House

Book 2

– Introduces the vowel teams and "r" control vowel patterns
– Contains the Out House list
– Presents the Ghost of the Out House

Book 3

– Introduces diphthongs and consonant "le" vowel patterns
– Contains the Out House list for this level
– Adds "gh" to the Out House list
– Offers thematic lessons – Dinosaurs, Gingerbread men, Winter words, Thanksgiving


Charts allow the teacher to demonstrate the vowel patterns using multi-sensory approach. Dry erase markers or post-it notes help students place the words or syllables in the various rooms of the house. Three sizes are available:

– Individual 8 1/2 x 11
– Individual 11 x 17
– 3-foot by 4-foot for bulletin boards

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